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NBC10 actively sought to profit off of anti-transgender hatred.

NBC10 actively sought to profit off of anti-transgender hatred.


NBC10 paid Facebook to push sponsored content, in this case a story about Michelle Kosilek framed to incite a nasty group bashing of her, and it happened that their post landed on my wall. Their story is a couple paragraphs long with the news that Kosilek filed suit to force the state to move her to a women’s facility and to provide her with SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). NBC 10 didn’t discuss the legal framing of the case, specifically the recent laws protecting transgender people by recognizing them as the gender they identify as which might make her and other transgender inmates current housing discrimination. Instead they posted it with an inflammatory phrase “a sex change operation at taxpayer expense”.

“A sex change operation at taxpayer expense” was used both in their piece and in the facebook post they paid to push onto people’s timelines, and it is inflammatory. Taxpayers already pay for the medical costs of inmates, so singling out this particular medical expense can only be seen as a invitation for people to come and post ugly hatred towards transgender people. Boosting this post instead of any of the other posts from that day is a calculated move, because NBC10 knows that the post would be controversial and would lead to many engagements as their readers poured their hatred out in the comment section. The result was 550 comments.

Here is what NBC10 paid to put on my timeline (I’m not including the basic misgendering and repeated complaints about paying for her medical care):

Josh Billings “It would be a lot cheaper if they just took “IT”out back and put it down... that’s what they do to dogs, if they attack people!!! why should it be any different for killers or child predators?!?”

Lori Gokey Convicted killers have a better life than their victims!!!!!!!!!!ENOUGH!!!!!!!!


Tena Oulton Keating We owe it NOTHING, it murdered a human being. Therefore it deserves nothing. But to rot away wishing it had a life. His wife list her life to being happy, so do mot give it any kind or form of happiness. Only the pit of misery, DILLY DILLY

John Sullivan Perhaps we should give him the surgery, but the compromise will be leaving him and his new parts in the general population of a men’s prison so we can at least get our money’s worth? 🤔

Clifford Cole Cut it all off!! Make it a Unic! Sexless. No genitles at all. Give it a urostomy bag to pee through. Botch the op, and make it suffer the consequences! Enough said.

Keith Nelson I think they should let the other inmates make that decision, with some one on one time

Jay McCarthy If he wants his dick cut off I'll be glad to do it, I'll even cauterize the wound with a torch, fuck him

Brian A Tittle Sr. Hey! I'll cut his balls off with a butter knife for free! I'll also save money by doing it without anethsesia!

Jeffrey Cooke He should stay in men prison and if he really wants the sex change, I have a old buck knife that I could use and the biggest benifet to the commonwealth is I will perform the sex reassignment surgery at a very low price, either way he should state in man's land prison

Berlin Christopher Larsen No!!! It killed someone, so it should be terminated. If you do the crime, then no time for you, a death for a death, that's Justice.

William Kobuszewski Just use a pair of dull hedge clippers

Violette Ebeling Chain saw😅😅😅😅😅

William Yager Use a blow torch to burn it off

Bob Reed Leave the cell unlocked late at night, then have Bubba go in there and make him a woman!!!!

Barry Ploof Drop a grenade down its shorts. Problem solved

Steve Mazzaglia Are you kidding me? This a convicted killer we’re talking about. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would chop it off for free and then he can bleed out knowing that he got his wish. His penis would be gone.

Grace Kane just execute whatever that thing is.

Mitch Woelfle For the love of God put this thing to death

Bob Bitetto Turn up the anesthesia and don't turn it off. Just sayin

Rick Fournier Cut it off and let her bleed out!

Mitch Lavin Here's a compromise, give him the surgery but without any anesthetic or painkillers then stick his ass back in the men's prison.

Mary Fox Kill the fucking thing already- fuck it’s feelings

Mass State Police scandal years in the making

Mass State Police scandal years in the making