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The Massachusetts public records law fails three out of three times

In Massachusetts, the records law is routinely ignored because it is completely unenforced—so there’s zero penalty for agencies that either actively choose not to comply or simply don’t care enough to respond to requests. The failure of the records law is critical because right now, it’s allowing governmental agencies to assist ICE under the table and beyond public scrutiny.


Police in Haverhill have set a new high-water mark for disturbing use of surplus military vehicles. The department is using the $658,000, 39,850-pound vehicle to intimidate residents in an effort to reduce nuisances. By policy, HPD allows the public to request that the truck be deployed outside of specific homes and in other places throughout the municipality.

Lawrence mayor encourages police to attack travelers

Lawrence police are dangerous. There are multiple videos of their officers attacking people for little or no reason. And due to Mayor Rivera’s recent orders, Critical-MA is issuing a travel warning to everyone. If you must travel through this lawless area, we suggest documenting all interactions with police by livestreaming from a device held in plain sight for your own safety.


Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Galvin doesn’t seem to care about what the public has to say about access to records in Massachusetts. In a sham hearing Galvin’s surrogate, Steven Shorey, listened to about an hour of verbal testimony and wrote down nothing whatsoever. Questioned about the lack of notes, he clarified that no one from his office was taking any type of recordings.


Baker should be buried in boos until he, as governor, puts an end to the deliberate and dangerous misgendered housing of inmates. His cowardice about the bathroom bill deserved boos too. To the governor and the Globe’s editorial staff—from me, a transgender woman—boo to all of you.